Pineapple Fruit Puree

Tanggal :15/02/2021 16.29.00 Penulis : Tsamarot
Pineapple or “ananas cosmosus” is a shallow rooted tropical fruit, many people don’t realize that pineapple is a compound fruit (fruits that developed by many smaller fruits which fuse together around a central stalk.) They grow best at tropical temperatures 65 to 75 dagree. iconic for being juicy sour and sweet which greatly compliments any type of cold drinks or additive flavouring .
We select the finest quality of pineapple from all over domestic or imports, and able to process them to every form available.
Pineapple puree where they are mashed to an almost liquid form rich and fruity commonly used to make pineapple jam or pineapple juice , Pineapple concentrate is a stronger thicker form of liquid pineapple flavouring usually used in syrups or additive for ready to drink end products , Pineapple chunky or sliced for a more direct usage of the fruits to either compliment or add to the end product of choice.


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